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Batch Send SMS


Batch sending provides a way to send multiple SMS messages with a signle request.
Message Batches are multiple single messages that are grouped meaning that all of the parameters that are required in order to send a single SMS message must be provided for each message in the message batch.

Supported request parameters

Name Mandatory Type Length Description
messages Yes Array 50 An array of upto 50 messages

Sending messages

POST /v2/sms/batchSend

curl -X POST API_URL \
-H "Authorization: [API_TOKEN]" \
-d "{
    "messages": [
            "from": "myfrom",
            "to": 123456789,
            "dlr-mask": 19,
            "coding": 0,
            "text" : "test text1",
            "dlr-url": "http[s]://"