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Delivery reports

Both HTTP and SMPP APIs support the delivery of Delivery reports for messages that were sent by you.

SMPP Delivery reports

Delivery reports are sent via the SMPP bind of the original SMPP bind that the message was sent through.

HTTP Delivery reports (Dlr)

In order to receive delivery reports you must provide your callback URL when submitting a request to send an SMS via HTTP API. However, providing your callback URL without any replace parameters will not be sufficient to receive any meaningful data.
You will need to provide the relevant replace parameters with your corresponding parameter names.

Dlr callback URL stracture

The overall length of your delivery reports callback URL is restricted to 150 characters.

Part Max length Example Comments
Base domain with path 80 charachters http[s]:// None
Query string 70 charachters ?&msgid=123123&status=%d&to=%p&from=%P&ts=%T None

If your DLR callback URL is longer than 150 characters it will be ignored.
You will still be able to see message status' in your analytics reports.

Allowed Dlr callback parameters names and vlaues

Dlr URL callback parameters values with direction IN must be provided by you.
Dlr URL callback parameters values with direction OUT will be replaced by a corresponding value.

Name Value Direction Max length Type Return values Description
msgid Your message id IN 30 Alphanumeric Your message id Your msgid for your internal tracking
status %d OUT 1 Numeric 1,2,4,8,16,32 Current status of message
to %p OUT 20 Numeric 41549329440 Recipient of message
from %P OUT 20 Alphanumeric 4455 Sender of message
ts %T OUT 10 Numeric 1643009843 Time stamp of current status
price %price OUT 10 Numeric 0.045 The price of the message

When a new DLR status emerges, our Server will trigger the Dlr URL callback with a GET request replacing an OUT replace parameters with actual values.


The following Dlr URL callback value was provided with SMS send request with a DLR mask value of 31:

The following acctual GET callbacks will be triggered:

Status Description Callback
8 Processing http[s]://
16 Rejected http[s]://
4 Buffered http[s]://
1 Delivered http[s]://
2 Failed http[s]://